General booking conditions


In order for this booking to be confirmed, you must make a payment of the 40% .
The person making the booking is obligued to pay the full amount of the bill quoted on arrival.
Bail 150 (Visa, Master Card, maestro)
The prices of Bungalows/Mobil Home/Triganos/Foret/Coco include bed linen and towels, water, electricity, gas, kitchen tools, dishes, cutlery and one car only.
In Comanche tents bed linen and towels are not included. They do include kitchen tools, dishes, cutlery and one car only.
Pets are not allowed in Bungalows/Mobil Home/Triganos/Foret/Coco/Comache.
In July amd August Bungalows will only be reserved fore one week minimum.
The guest accepts the international regulation of campings, and also this camping regulation in particular.
It is not allowed to leave tents or caravans without occupants, unless expressly authorized by the Camping Management.

More than 15 days before date of arrival: 100% refund
Less than 15 days: loss of deposit

Everyone who registers at and enters the Campsite is obligued to fulfil the following regulations; if they are not fulfilled, the management reserves the right to evict the camper. The named person will be responsible for any actions that are attributable to him/her and his/her companions.
Registration will be formalised at the time of arrival, at which point all items to which charges apply should be declared; any variations should be notified to reception immediately. The reception will provide a copy of the entry registration which should be shown if requested by security or other campsite staff.
Any other directives made by the campsite that are on public display also form part of these regulations.

o ACCESS TO THE CAMPSITE: only visitors equipped with the minimum necessary camping equipment who are genuinely intending to camp will be admitted to the campsite. People under 18 years old who are not accompanied by an adult or do not have the authorisation of an adult who takes responsibility for their conduct will not be admitted; the parents or people accompanying minors will be held responsible for any damages or accidents caused by the latter during their stay at the campsite.
The time for occupying and vacating plots is 12 noon. Plots should be left in a perfectly clean and tidy condition. With regard to the Bungalows, check-in is at 4.00 pm and departure at 10 a.m.
o RATES: Current rates are displayed on the official notice. Rates will be applied to the number of nights spent on the site. The official 'night' ends at 12 noon. Departures after 12 noon will be charged an additional day. The campsite has established a minimum price per plot.
o VISITORS: Any visitors must register at reception, leaving an identity document which will be returned to them when they leave. Visitors may stay on the campsite free of charge for one hour. After this time, they should pay the relevant rate. Accepting visits will depend on availability.
o HOURS OF SILENCE (midnight to 7 am) and SIESTA (1 pm - 4 pm): During rest times, all campers are asked to turn the volume down on radios, TVs, etc. and limit the use of vehicles to the absolute minimum. From midnight until 7 am there should be total silence on the site and all vehicle movements are prohibited.
Please remember that the volume of all audio appliances should be kept at a level that does not cause a disturbance to other campers.
o PLOT LOCATION: It is completely prohibited to change plots without prior consultation with Reception. During your stay, you should keep your plot clean and tidy. The Reception and security staff will tell you which plot to use and give you instructions on its proper use.
Your vehicle should be parked within the plot perimeter (so long as this is feasible, or in the place assigned by the reception or security staff).
It is completely prohibited to install canopies, sun shades, dividing fences, windbreaks or paving; to dig trenches, tie ropes to trees, even if these are mature trees, or security fences, or hang clothing and towels on the fences.
o TRANSFER OF CAMPING EQUIPMENT: Campers who lend their equipment to other families should tell reception in advance, who may accept this loan under the appropriate terms and conditions.
o UNOCCUPIED TENTS OR CARAVANS: Equipment that is left unoccupied without permission from reception will be regarded as having been abandoned by its owners and will be removed by the campsite staff, who will be free to do what they wish with it and will be exempt from any responsibility for its loss or subsequent deterioration.
o MOVEMENT OF VEHICLES: The maximum speed limit is 10 km/h. In order not to disturb other campers, please refrain from using vehicles during rest times; it is totally prohibited to use vehicles between midnight and 7 am. The unnecessary use of motor vehicles inside the campsite is also prohibited.
o SWIMMING POOL and Sports Zone: The conditions for admission can be found at the entrance gate to the area. Under-11s will only be admitted when accompanied by an adult who takes full responsibility for their behaviour.
o PETS: Pets will be admitted if they have an authorised ID card and are on a lead at all times. They are not allowed in areas with 'no dogs' signs or in bungalows, camper vans or mobile homes. It is the owner's responsibility to collect any excrement left by their pet. A list of the regulations concerning dogs will be provided. Pet owners will be held responsible for any damages they may cause.
o INSURANCE: The Management does not accept any responsibility in the event of robbery, accident or damages to objects or individuals by third parties. Nor can it be held responsible for damages caused by storms, fire, force majeure, etc. Every camper should take out third party civil liability insurance.
Valuable objects can be left in the safe deposit boxes installed in the reception area.
o WATER FOUNTAINS, SINKS AND WASHING MACHINES: The water fountains in the roadways may only be used for obtaining potable water and under no circumstances may be used for washing clothes.
o HYDRANTS: It is totally forbidden to use the hydrants without the express prior permission of the campsite management. They may only be used in the event of fire.
o WASTE WATER: It is mandatory to use the corresponding container and these should only be emptied in the chemical WCs in the toilet block.
o ELECTRICAL POWER: The official campsite electrician is the only person authorised to handle the electrical boxes. Each plot will have a socket assigned which provides 5A. The doors of the electrical boxes must always be closed.
o CAR WASH: The campsite has a special place for washing cars and it is forbidden to wash them in any other part of the campsite.
o POSTERS: It is absolutely prohibited to put up any kind of posters on the trees or furniture on the campsite.
o Barbecues: It is forbidden to light any kind of fire on the site with the exception of butane gas or electric at all times taking the utmost safety precautions, and only when the weather permits. This regulation is subject to modification depending on the forestry protection measures issued by the Generalitat of Catalonia.
o GARDENS: You may not plant any kind of plants in the plots, gardens or plant boxes. Please treat the existing plants, trees and garden areas with respect.


It is obligatory:

" To have mandatory civil liability insurance.

It is completely forbidden for dogs:

" To be loose.
" To go into the toilet blocks or other areas signposted as 'no dogs'.
" To be in the swimming pool or sunbathing areas.
" To go into the supermarket, bars or restaurants.
" To defecate or urinate in the campsite.
" To disturb other campers in any way.
" To be taken for a walk around the campsite, including unoccupied plots (e.g. free camping zone, Tower zone, etc.).

Failure to abide by any of these regulations will be sufficient reason for the campsite management to ask the family owning the dog to leave.

Please remember that Spanish law does not allow dogs on beaches.

Dogs are subject to payment of a fixed fee.

Dogs are not allowed in the bungalows, mobile homes or camper vans.

The following potentially dangerous breeds will not be admitted: Bullmastiff, French Mastiff, Pit Bull (Pit Bull Terrier), Japanese Tosa (Tosa Inu), Akita, Doberman, Brazilian Fila, Dogo Canario, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Neapolitan Mastiff, Rottweiler, American Staffordshire Terrier or crossbreeds of any of these.

I hereby accept this regulation,

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